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About Warm Springs


Is it the name or history of the Lodge that blankets its guests in warmth? Is it the cozy reading nooks, the lawn leading to the creek, or the arching sycamores that line it? Could it be the home cooking?

Whatever the reason, we welcome you to come and experience the relaxation, great space, and delicious food of Warm Springs Lodge.

WSL in Spring

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The Lodge was established in 1830. Since 1968, it has been owned and operated by the Hetrick Family. In 2009, Alan Hetrick retired and sold the Lodge to Cable Kinnard and Carol Franklin, both of Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Cable and Carol will continue the Warm Springs tradition; offering an overnight resting place, retreat, and gathering place for artists, wedding parties, musicians, familes, and appreciators of all types.

Unlike a restaurant or bed and breakfast, we offer "family style" dinners by reservation (see this month's serving dates) and a scenic creekside venue for your special event. 

Make your dinner reservation or let us help plan your next event by calling us at 717-789-9927 or contacting us by e-mail.